Bike Culture.

Today I spent a large chunk of time researching how I reach out to a wider market. As a result I learnt a lot about some really awesome people/organizations out there that I would love to work with, support, visit, meet, etc. I am going to UK in April to explore biking culture, food, my […]

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Goodbye and Hello.

Last week TUBEDJewelry said goodbye to Slaysh and hello to Twiss and Weber. Slaysh is moving its opperations online, therefore we decided that I would pull TUBEDJewelry out of the store. It was sad to say goodbye, but it did open the door for a new opportunity, that being Twiss and Weber. For anyone who […]

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At McCranks!

We are at a new location…

McCranks Cycles!

It is a bike store on Bank St. (Ottawa) in the Glebe which has a small boutique in the front of the shop throughout the winter. It is an exciting new endeavor because it bridges the cycling and craft/fashion worlds so effectively! If you are in that area, check it out and leave a comment on what you think!


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New Designs

In prepping for The Holiday Assembly at Nature Museum this friday (your coming right?!) I have, well, introduced colour! I LOVE colour, therefore this step forward was one much overdue. Check out some of my new pieces. I only used red and blue, but I can’t wait to experiment with other colours! I have been […]

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