Beyond Jewelry

Here at TUBED I have been experimenting with using bike tubes beyond jewelry. People are always trying to donate old tubes to me, but a girl can only use so many bike tubes making jewelry. But I did make a strap for my mason jar (aka travel mug) which everyone loves! Who knew a strap […]

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Harvest Noir

Its fall, which means fun season in Ottawa! There is so much going on at this time of year that you can almost forget that winter is just around the corner. Almost… This year we have donated several pieces to Harvest Noir (picture from their FB page below), a fun-chic-european-style picnic that raises awareness around […]

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New Inventions

Having a jewelry business is harder then it looks. There is a constant battle between keeping consistency in the line, continuing to pump out product that sells well while also coming up with new ideas and ways to keep myself and others excited. I can only make so many gold feather earrings before I start […]

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CLUG: sexy bike storage

I have a lot of bikes. I don’t know how I do it, but I just accumulate them. Almost every year I decide I need a new bike, usually due to a need for better functionality, etc. But with so much of my life spent on my bike and centered around biking I can’t simply […]

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Other uses for bike tubes.

Obviously jewelry is the coolest thing one can make out of bike tubes, however I am always on the prowl for new uses for our stretchy and durable friends. Here are five ones I thought were pretty functional, awesome, etc. I can’t wait to try them out (if I haven’t already). 1. Resistant Band for […]

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