The True Cost

I love being able to express how I feel through what I wear. But, I don’t love the consumerism, exploitation and environmental destruction of fast fashion. I have wrote a few previous posts about fashion (Fashion + Sustainability?), and today decided to watch the documentary The True Cost (which you can find on netflix). While […]

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Recycled Materials + Fashion

The definition of fashion has become a synonym for over consumption, constant production of new clothing and exploitation of people, the environment, and frankly, your wallet. The fashion industry is messed up, and it is a topic that is not new here at TUBED. However we also talk about how we can fix it, we […]

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Cities w/o Cars

Have you ever wondered what the city you live in would be like without cars? For some of us the charm of biking depends on cars being there to zip by “Mission Impossible” style on our way to work, the grocery store, or the pub. I know I harness my inner Tom Cruise on a […]

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New Product Shots

For me, It’s easy to do many things half assed and harder to do one thing really well. I am going to try to do TUBED really well. I have been creating TUBEDJewelry really well for years but my motivation to market it has been lacklustre. That is about to change. Get ready to have […]

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Hopping the Pond

I have some exciting news, I am moving to England! Well, exciting and sad. It will be truly sad to leave the friends and connections I have built here in Ottawa. Saying goodbye is never easy, but endings mean new beginnings, no? At least that is what I like to tell myself. Mays it easier […]

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