Find & Get TUBED.

Below is a complete list of all the places that you can find TUBEDJewelry.

Brighton (UK):

Little Bear Home Decor & More: a tiny cute shop in Hove that sells a wide range of goods from plants, to pillows to jewellery.

Potter’s Thumb: Adorable shop in the Open Market. Mark, the potter, makes beautiful plates, bowls, mugs and more and now has a display of our jewellery at the store and at the market stall on Saturdays on Upper Gardener Street. Its pretty groovy.

Ottawa (Canada):

The Festival Flea: traveling retro-store that visits festivals in the summer and can be found online the rest of the year.

Waterloo (Canada):

Cobblestone Gallery: classy and fun store that challenges your idea of what jewelry is with other up-cycled pieces such as electronic necklaces.

Toronto (Canada):

Freedom Clothing Collective: Non-profit store on Bloor West that is committed to supporting exclusively Canadian artists and encouraging environmental and socially conscious practices.


Check out our etsy store! Where you can find a wide variety of our earrings and some bracelets too.


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