Cool Consuming

Yesterday I was chatting with my friend who had to buy emergency new shoes because he lost the heel of the shoes he had been previously wearing and we were on a day trip many hours from home. I was checking his shoes out. I liked them. But I also felt guilty liking them. They had costed only £8, and were no doubt made my tiny hands in a factory in Indonesia or Malaysia. I hate the fact that cheap goods made in unethical ways are so alluring and waiting to catch our eyes at every corner. I also hate the fact that to buy shoes NOT made by tiny hands in Malaysia would cost 10 times as much (i.e. £80 or more). Its a battle between the general allure of wanting more stuff and the ease of access to unethically produced goods.
April 2016_2
This struggle becomes even more complex when you have a business selling goods that are arguably unnecessary, aka jewelry. I have designed and made jewelry since I was a small little girl. When I was sixteen I wanted to be a fashion designer, but I was appalled by the speed, stress, and fact that the entire industry seemed to centred around over consumption. So I gave up my dream to be a fashion designer (which I was ok) but continued to design jewelry off and on. I began designing jewelry out of garbage, and eventually discovered the magic of using bike tubes. All this said, I discovered that fashion, and jewelry can be done in a way that is creative, fun, and challenges main stream idea. Using reused materials, or even waste, challenges all of our ideas around textiles. Why cant we use re-purposed rubber to create belts, boots, jewelry, and more? Issues around off gassing and durability exist, but how durable does it have to be if its already a waste product? There is definitely no perfect solution to living sustainably and consciously.
April 2016
The month of May TUBEDJewelry will be taking part in an open house (Little Papa House) and market (BAM!) in Brighton. I will be sharing a table at BAM! with a friend who is also an up-cycling artist, OREC Artworks, although she creates beautiful bottles rather then jewelry. Come and check us out if your in the city. I am excited to challenge peoples concepts of fashion, material use, and re-purposing. xo