Songs About Bicycles

Needing a bit more inspiration to ride your bicycle these days due to the cold temperatures?! Sitting at home with a busted knee (like me) unable to ride and missing your bike?! I have just the thing to inspire you to take on those chilly temperatures and boost you out of your no-bicycle blues: MUSIC!

After a bit of sleuthing (which surprisingly did not take long) I found a whole bunch of songs that have been written about the bicycle. Here are five of my favourite.

Roll On by Piebald

The Pushbike Song by The Mixtures

My White Bicycle by Tomorrow

Motherfucking Bike by Sons of Science (I LOVE this song)

Broken Bicycle by Elvis Costello

I Hope those songs gave you the audio fuel to get your wheels spinning. What are your favourite songs about bicycles?

Originally posted on Branch Out.