Navigating Brighton on Bike

Mid December 2015 I moved to Brighton. I am still not sure what I am doing here, but what I do know is that it is the first place in my life where I was close to terrified when biking (at least at first).

Let me explain.

Over here in England people drive on the left side of the road, which is fine when on a straight stretch until you reach an intersection. Much to North Americans’ disbelief not all intersections are round a bouts and they do use traffic lights, but intersections that use traffic lights are generally madness!IMG_20151219_123355
I have yet to bike through one of these “death-wish” intersections. I always dismount and walk my bike, my poor little heart can’t take it.

How as a cyclist do I get in the right lane? Sometimes there are separate bike lanes, sometimes there are not. When their are separate bike lanes they are not always easy to see.
I never know where to place myself on the road when I am suppose to bike with the cars. I have been going to the left hand side of the road (since in Canada you go to the right hand side), but then I start to shit my pants when a car tries to pass me on the narrow roads, however I am not yet confident and fast enough to take the lane.

By the end of the day I arrive home terrified with shitty pants. Now I see why some people have a hard time biking in the city, sometimes it is terrifyingly shitty.

Originally posted at Branch Out.