Recycled Materials + Fashion

The definition of fashion has become a synonym for over consumption, constant production of new clothing and exploitation of people, the environment, and frankly, your wallet.

The fashion industry is messed up, and it is a topic that is not new here at TUBED. However we also talk about how we can fix it, we want to have our cake and eat it too, and at TUBED we think we can. TUBED loves recycling, the environment, equality and looking beautifully edgy, oh and we LOVE bikes too. So lets talk a bit about how fashion can be an art form to be used to shine a spotlight on both the absurdity of our obsession with over consumption and (on the upside) the versatility and uniqueness of recycled materials.

There are two designers I found (although there are probably many more designers I did not find) doing some pretty amazing work with recycled bike tubes.

Bridget KO Designs started working with bike tubes by creating handbags, jewelry, and wallets. Her use of recycled bike tubes quickly progressed to creating a wide variety of clothes. She uses re-creation and re-construction to explore her concerns with consumption and materialism. Using inner tubes and other masculine associated non-traditional “fashion” materials also allows her to explore and challenge our social ideas of femininity.

Zuss Illuminated is an artist from Amersterdam, where the bicycle thrives. She uses recycled inner tubes to make “wearable art”. She experiments with creating 3D shapes, patterns and surprising textures using recycled bike tubes.

These designers remind us that with a little creativity and persistence we can challenge social norms and make anything possible. We can create a world where fashion is about creativity, re-use, and creating something new out of something old rather then a continuous cycle of creating more and more new clothing. Lets re-create the world, lets make it our own.