Wheeling even in the Chilly

The last few days we have been plunged into the cold. I hate the cold. I try to pretend I like the cold since I have lived in Ottawa for the past 3-4 years where winter is long and COLD. But lets face it. I hate…HATE being cold. But even the cold can’t keep me away from my bicycle. In the last few days I have heard many friends using the cold as an excuse for not riding their bike, so I thought I would provide you with a few great reasons why I ride my bike in the cold (and snow!).

1. I’m way badass! It always makes peoples jaws drop when you say you road through -30 degree weather to work or meet someone for coffee, often arriving with icicles growing out of your scarf.

2. It makes the every day commute an extreme sport. A fun extreme sport though! It’s like going skiing, having a snow fight, and going tobogganing all in one!

3. You are happier! The winter is the most important time of the year to do everything you can to be happy since its so darn cold and dark out there. Biking gives you consistent exercise to keep those endorphins flowing. Go endorphins!

4. You will be warmer riding your bike then waiting for the bus and you don’t have to freeze your buns off while you dig your bike out of the snow drift (like you do with cars)!

What are your favourite reasons for biking through winter? Or if you haven’t rode through the winter yet, what is stopping you?

Originally posted on Branch Out.