Hopping the Pond

I have some exciting news, I am moving to England! Well, exciting and sad. It will be truly sad to leave the friends and connections I have built here in Ottawa. Saying goodbye is never easy, but endings mean new beginnings, no? At least that is what I like to tell myself. Mays it easier to hold the tears in.

So with that said, the next question is will I bring my jewelry making business with me? I think yes. I don’t see why not. Especially when I need so little to make the magic happen. It does however mean I will need to hunt for stores in England to carry my product and fairs to sell my goods at. But these are all things I can do. I can. I must continue to remind myself this. It is sometimes hard to leave something known for the unknown, but without taking risks I am putting myself in a cage never to experience the warmth of the sun.

Too much coffee this morning. The prophetic ideas are oozing out. Back to TUBED. There are a few stores in Ottawa, Toronto and Waterloo that will continue to carry my earrings while I am overseas, so you can still access the goods.

I would love to get my act together for online sales too, any tips?