New Inventions

TUBED_jan18_2015Having a jewelry business is harder then it looks. There is a constant battle between keeping consistency in the line, continuing to pump out product that sells well while also coming up with new ideas and ways to keep myself and others excited. I can only make so many gold feather earrings before I start to go a little bit crazy.
TUBED_Glitter_Jan18_2015There are a few new products I have come up with. The progress is never as fast as I would like it to be, but never the less it moves forward. A few new ideas I have been experimenting with is: using metal chain with the bike tubes, using glittery spray paint, and cutting the tube into circles rather then strips. Now the real test comes: do you the people like it and will it sell? What do you think? Would you buy gold glittery earrings?