Other uses for bike tubes.

Obviously jewelry is the coolest thing one can make out of bike tubes, however I am always on the prowl for new uses for our stretchy and durable friends. Here are five ones I thought were pretty functional, awesome, etc. I can’t wait to try them out (if I haven’t already).

1. Resistant Band for Exercising: I have definately done this while doing my morning yoga.

2. Chair Seat: replace an old seat on a wooden (or metal) chair with weaved bike inner tubes. It looks super chic.

tubed chair


3. Inner Tube String: I often cut up bike inner tubes into strips to use as stretchy string, elastic bands, etc. Perhaps NOT chic, but oh so functional.

4. Protective Cover for Chains: just thread your chain in a bike tube and voila, no pinched fingers.

5. Handle Bar Tape: this is what I use for my bars, it looks great, is grippy, and is free! Word of caution: it does make your hands dirty sometimes.




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