Goodbye and Hello.

Last week TUBEDJewelry said goodbye to Slaysh and hello to Twiss and Weber. Slaysh is moving its opperations online, therefore we decided that I would pull TUBEDJewelry out of the store. It was sad to say goodbye, but it did open the door for a new opportunity, that being Twiss and Weber.

For anyone who is not versed in the crafting/jewelry/boutique world, usually when you sell at one store you can not sell at any other store within “walking” distances. This is understandable, the stores want to carry different merchandise from one another. However, as a local creator this can often be very stressful. It reduces the locations you can sell at, and sometimes your product could sell great at one store but horrible at another store which is right next door. So how do you know? How do you choose?!

Twiss and Weber

This leads me to Twiss and Weber. They are a great fashion boutique that is located on Wellington Street in Hintenburg, Ottawa. I have so much respect for them, since it is a store started and run by two women who love creating, fashion, and push the boundary of funky awesomeness. So I was pretty excited when they approached me a few weeks ago at Nature Nocturne Spins and Needles Holiday Assembly to sell at their store.

Last week, this opportunity became a reality! Check their store out, check my stuff out, and get a little funky! My favorite item in their store right now? These temporary tattoo eyeshadows. Yes, you read correctly.