Look Out For Cyclists

Ok, so Brighton is not a cycling epicentre. It is no Copenhagen, and its hills make the appeal of the two wheeled stead a little less alluring then when in FLAT places like Hamburg, The Netherlands, and even Cambridge (UK). But Brighton definitely does get its bike on. I spot spandex clad cyclists everyday whizzing […]

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Bicycle Design

I know I am not alone in saying there is something that intimately connects both bicycles and design. Every time I see a drawing or graphic design of a bicycle my heart skips a beat. I imagine the personality and life of the bicycle, the intimate relationship it has with its rider, and the wind […]

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Cool Consuming

Yesterday I was chatting with my friend who had to buy emergency new shoes because he lost the heel of the shoes he had been previously wearing and we were on a day trip many hours from home. I was checking his shoes out. I liked them. But I also felt guilty liking them. They […]

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Behind the Curtains

I am sitting in a chair next to the window looking out at the sea (yes I can see the sea from my window, I am blessed) trying to figure out what to write my blog post about. I have the drive but my brain is completely empty. Literally. Like someone ate all the cookies […]

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Wasted Art

Within the last month I went on two separate beach cleans. This being the first time I have lived so close to the sea, it is also the first time that I have been exposed first hand to how much plastic waste exists on the beach, which mostly has washed up from the sea. It’s […]

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Songs About Bicycles

Needing a bit more inspiration to ride your bicycle these days due to the cold temperatures?! Sitting at home with a busted knee (like me) unable to ride and missing your bike?! I have just the thing to inspire you to take on those chilly temperatures and boost you out of your no-bicycle blues: MUSIC! […]

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